Another One of Those Weeks

I have just experienced “one of those weeks”. Everyone knows what “one of those weeks” is…it is one week in any given month when it seems like one thing after another goes wrong.

My, “one of those weeks” started last Thursday morning. Actually, it all started with the rose-colored glasses column that I wrote last week. When I got the paper. I read my cover and what I had feared came true. I managed to do the one thing that I had vowed never to do again. I had written the words, “sipped diet Coke” and hadn’t capitalized the word Coke. Now. I know better than that, I got into trouble with the multi-billion dollar Coca Cola Company before for doing the same thing. I distinctly remember thinking the words…“sipping diet pop” but the old fingers pushed the c and the o and the k and the e keys on the typewriter again. Now I will probably get another letter from the soft drink giant’s legal department, telling me that I have put their trademark in jeopardy because of my carelessness. Boy how embarrassing, all because of a stupid typewriter.

As if this wasn’t enough. I goofed again last Friday. Being one of the room Mothers for “Clark’s” class in school, I was asked to help out with the Valentine’s Day party. They planned to have an ice cream sundae party. Each of the Mothers brought the ingredients to make ice cream sundaes for the little kiddies. I agreed to bring the ice cream and the whipped topping while the other mothers brought the topping, nuts, drinks and cookies. The plan was to put everything out on a table and let the little kids make their own sundaes. Being a little late, I finally arrived at the school, armed with my bonus bucket of ice cream and whipped topping. Of course by then the table was set and ready to go for the big sundae making adventure. One of the mothers had brought the most beautiful tray of home-made cookies that you have ever laid your eyes on, and had them sitting on the table. They were perfectly round chocolate cookies with gooey cream filling in them. She had painstakingly arranged every cookie on the tray in perfect order, covered them with plastic wrap and put red bows on the top to make them look like Valentine’s Day treats. Then it happened, as I was taking my bonus bucket of ice cream out of the sack, the handle came off the bucket and I dropped the whole one gallon plus one quart plastic bonus bucket of ice cream right in the middle of the tray of the beautiful home-made cookies. Do you know how humiliating it is too look down at a whole bunch of chocolate cookies with their gooey cream filling sqooshed out all over the other cookies and know you are responsible. It was just awful.

Then…to cap the week off, I received in the mail, an invitation addressed to Mrs. Paul Massey from the AARP (American Association of Retired People) to join their over 50 club. They even sent me a medical identification card and information about senior citizens discounts. Let me tell you, not capitalizing a word in a column and dropping a bucket of ice cream in a plate of cookies is one thing, but getting an invitation to join an over 50’s club when I haven’t celebrated my fiftieth birthday yet was the perfect way to complete my…“one of those weeks” week!